What Type of Brush is Best for 360 Waves?

King Scorpion 360 Medium Hard Wave Brush Set – Platinum Grey Collection

What Type of Brush is Best for 360 Waves? The Best Brush for 360 Waves is Any Brush With Bristles. Prefered Britsle Type is Boar Bristle.

Try Our New Collection Of Custom Wave Brushes From King Scorpion 360 Short Handle Club Style Wave Brush For Better Control and Detail Or Our More Classic Original King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush for Maintaining Deep Wave Pattern.

Softer Wave Brushes are Better for Shorter Hair, Detail and Maintaining, While Harder Brushes Are Best For Thicker Hair Types, Novice And To Define Your Wave Pattern.

The Truly Only Way You Can See What Brush is Best For Your Waves is to Try Them. Each Person Hair is Different So To Know Truly What’s Best for Your Waves You Have To Experiment With Different Brush & Bristle Types.

King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush
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Rule of Thumb, If you Feel The Bristles on The Scalp When You Brush, That’s A Good Brush. If you Don’t Feel The Bristle’s Its Time To Upgrade To A Harder Hair Brush.

My Brother can Take A Straight Hard Brush, Out The Gate No Matter Short or Thick. I Can’t do that I’m Tender Headed, I Need A Softer Hair Brush But With A little More Bit Then A Soft.

Personally I Like Medium Soft & Soft Medium Wave Brushes When I’m Starting My Wave Program. And A Soft Wave Brush For Maintaining My Waves Throughout The Day. And A Medium Hard Once My Hair Begins To Get Thicker.

King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush
Florida Orange Medium Hard King Scorpion 360