Velvet Wave Cap


King Scorpion 360 Velvet Wave Caps

King Scorpion 360 Velvet Wave Caps
King Scorpion 360 Velvet Wave Caps
A great way to keep your 360 waves looking good on the go or while you rest. Scorpion 360 Wave caps Compress The hair for a more uniform wave pattern. Travel size washable easy to use one-size-fits-all wave cap.
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King Scorpion 360 Velvet Wave Cap

King Scorpion 360 Velvet Wave Cap is a great way to start any 360 waves to get you going in the right direction. Our New Scorpion 360 Wave Caps compresses the hair so that your wave will form in the direction you brushed your hair. Before applying your wave cap add any wave pomade or 360 waves moisturizer for optimal results. Or try our scorpion 360 wave butter to get results faster.


Velvet: The velvet wave cap is designed to apply more pressure when trying to achieve 360 waves. The tighter fit made pacifically for 360 waves enhances wave development. A plusher feel the velvet is not only

  • Pros: Works great on all wave types and defined wave patterns for a flusher appeal. Works best on thicker or longer hair and comes in brilliant fashionable colors and a longer life span if cleaned correctly. Works with most light wave pomades or moisturizers.
  • Cons: Velvet will wick any moisture you have in your hair away along with any pomade if the material is set on the hair for a longer period than suggested. We suggest the regular fit silk du-rag underneath the velvet. If you like wearing your cap all-day try a silk wave cap underneath to avoid losing your waves.
  • Great worn: In cooler climate areas indoors or out also helps keep the head warm in colder climates. Works best if used in intervals every 4 to 6 hours. Allow your scalp to breathe for an hour before reapplying. Stimulate the scalp with a hairbrush or wave brush of your choice before reapplying. If you like wearing your cap all-day try a silk wave cap underneath to avoid losing your waves.

Type: Velvet Wave Cap

Material: Velvet – top Velvet underlayer 100% Velvet

Price Range: 20 – 35 Dollars

Use: Use before bed after you apply moisturizer, hair conditioner, and or pomade to the hairbrush, and apply the wave cap before bed.

Usage: Apply no longer than the time needed to set the hair 6 to 8 hrs considering sleep typically is 8 hrs. Let hair breathe after removing. Brush hair to stimulate the scalp before reapplying

How to use: Wear King Scorpion 360 Wave Cap after brushing your hair or after washing, to set the hair. If you wear your cap all day your scalp is not breathing allow the hair to breathe by removing your wave cap at least twice a day for an hour or so. This is the perfect time for you should brush your hair one of the one’s Best 360-wave practices, try the 400-stroke method.    

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