How to apply wave pomade on thick hair for waves? The best way to apply wave pomade or any is to use hair wax or pomade develop for 360 waves.

damp your hair, you can achieve this by either dampen the hair with warm water before applying the pomade. Or you can use a damp towel to achieve the same results but faster.

The hot towel method works great on thick hair, is when a hot towel is used before and after you apply the hair wax or pomade. This will help to soften the wax for easy application.

The Reasons Why The Hot Towel Method Will Work, Is It Soften The hair along with the wax. The number one reason why this method would be great on thick coarse hair.

Below is a Bushing Schedule to help you along, you can follow as described. Also, you can use this chart as a catalyst for your own personal program. If you have thick coarse hair you may want to start off using this one.

What You’ll Need For The Hot Towel Method

  • Face Towel
  • Hair Pomade, Wax

Apply a small amount of wax in the palm, rub until the wax warms, apply to the head. Brush your hair to help spread the wax place the warm towel over the hair for at least 3 minutes.

before you begin this method consider the amount of hair pomade to use try using a small amount first.

A Brushing Method For Thick Coarse Hair - How To Apply Wave Pomade?

The Downside To Using Hair Wax or Heavy Pomades, Everyday Use Will Eventually Build-Up. Clogged Pores Heavy Dandruff Itchy Scalp, Having A Washing Schedule is also important.

Wash & Breathe Day

Set aside a day once a week or every other week to let your hair & scalp breathe. Use a fine-tooth comb to loosen any wax buildup allow your hair to breathe for at least 4 hours.

Try to use good shampoo & conditioners if possible an all-natural type. Avoid shampoos with heavy perfumes and preservatives. If you can not afford an organic or all-natural shampoo try adding olive oil to the shampoo. If you can not afford an unscented shampoo dilute your mixture 50/50 before applying.