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Is Silk Du-rags Better For Waves?

Is Silk Durags Better For Waves? As our studies suggest, Silk DuRags is great for waves. The material has some great benefits, as well as some downs side. Silk durags will help keep the hair safe from direct sunlight.

Your 360 waves wouldn’t dry out the material that allows the hair to breathe, liter then a velvet durag silk durags could be worn casually on a hot day your wave pattern will maintain their luster and shine.

So on the upside, liter has a better stretch ratio, doesn’t cause tension headaches, has good compression, plus silk durags help keep away direct sunlight locks moisture keeping your waves tight.

Precisely keeping your 360 waves in place, Silk Durags will help improve, enhance, define your hair (waves) faster than other DuRags. Silk Durags are very durable can be used on Waves or natural hairstyles.

Most Silk Durags, mostly made of a mixture of silk, spandex, and other various fabrics, the silk to stretch has to have a blend of spandex, cotton, etc…, that will allow the silk durag to compress around the head, the silk on its own doesn’t stretch. In most cases, silk does not obtain a glossy finish the surface is commonly semi-gloss or matt. Depending on which silkworm created the silk with the mulberry silkworm generally being regarded as the most important. There are around 35 different types of silk fabrics commonly used to make clothes here are just a few.

King Scorpion 360 | Silk Blend Fat-Lace Du-Rags/ Small
King Scorpion 360 | Silk Blend Fat-Lace Du-Rags/ Small

Different types of silk:

  • Charmeuse

Woven with a satin weave, Charmeuse is a soft lightweight fabric 

  • Chiffon

A sheer, elegant fabric with a slightly rough gauze-like texture  

  • Crêpe-de-chine

Floaty, soft, crêpe-de-chine is a plain-weave fabric with a muted luster distinctive crimped texture. 

  • Velvet

A luxurious, medium-to-heavy-weight silk fabric made with multiple warps and wefts

  • Silk crêpe-backed satin

With a satin face and a crêpe back, this is reversible silk used on both sides.

  • Chiffon

A sheer, elegant fabric with a slightly rough gauze-like texture

  • Silk Satin

 Highly valuable material with a rich look and feel glossy, shiny surface is smooth to the touch and emits a mesmerizing shine.

  • Habotai

Soft and lightweight a plain-weave fabric with a smooth, glossy finish. 

Here at King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush We manufacture a silk spandex blend that allows the silk durag to stretch while keeping the luxurious feel and vibrant color of silk.

Large Fat-Lace Reversible Silk Du-Rag

Medium Fat-Lace Silk Reversible Du-Rag

Small Fat-Lace Silk Du-Rag