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Is It Better To Use A Hard Brush Or Soft Brush For Waves?

Is It Better To Use A Hard Brush Or Soft Brush For Waves? It depends on the length of the hair. For longer or thick hair a hard hairbrush may be the best choice but if you have short or thinning hair you may want to try a soft wave brush.

For a more experienced waver, harder brushes are choice the firmer the better in some cases. If your scalp is a little more sensitive and your hair is thick try a medium or medium-hard wave brush.

It’s important that you have all three hair brush types if you plan to grow your waves correctly. Soft, Medium, and Hard.

A Soft Hair Brush On Waves

Soft wave brushes are great on short to medium hair lengths. Soft hair brushes also could be used on thicker hair for detail and everyday use. Good if you already have waves and your hair is thick. Soft hair brushes would give your waves a better definition when used every day. Having a softy is a must in the wave game.

A Soft Hair Brush On Waves
A Soft Oval Hair Brush

A Medium Hair Brush On Waves

You can switch up your soft hair brush once you notice the bristles no longer touch the scalp. This is not necessarily a bad thing upgrading to a medium hair brush is the solution, it will get down to the scalp, a little stiffer than a soft hairbrush so it will work. Keeping the softy is important it helps to disturbed oil, lotions, and pomade plus it’s great for everyday brushing and brush sessions.

A Medium Hair Brush On Waves
Medium Boar Bristle Hair Brush

A Hard Wave Brush On Waves

As mentioned before once you notice that your bristles are not touching your scalp it’s time to upgrade to a harder wave brush. So in this case switching to a hard from a medium wave brush will be choice. Keep your medium wave brush add to the brushing session. In my opinion, the best of the flock if you can bear it, you’ll notice results fast when using a hard wave brush.

Hard Wave Brush On Waves

Brushing your hair releases natural oils and helps stimulate the scalp resulting in plush thick hair. But brushing your hair too much can lead to breakage or thinning of the hair.

Listen to your hair, everyone’s different who knows your hair better than you. Testing a small section of your hair before diving in will save you the headache. Keep to a brushing routine, use a good pomade or wave lotion, oils, etc.. and it will work out fine.

Need a brushing routine try brushing your head for 7 minutes on each side. Brush to the front 7 minutes, back 7 minutes, and the sides 7 minutes, each side. Do this up to three times a day every day and you’ll notice results fast.