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If You Have Thick Hair Try This For 360 Waves.

If You Have Thick Hair And Want 360 Waves, Try This Method!

If You Have Thick Hair Try This For 360 Waves. You Know How Hard It Can Be To Get 360 Waves. Having Thick Hair Can Be A Little Tricky When Training Your Hair For 360 Waves. I Have a Few Methods That Would Help Anyone That HasThick Coarse Hair. You’ll Be Able To Get Waves Fast, In Just A Couple of Days You Will Notice Results!

I Have Thick Coarse Hair That Absorbs Most Oils Fast Leaven My Hair Feeling Dry. My Waves Did Not Come Until I Start Using Wave Hair Pomade And The Hot Towel Method.

Wave Pomade Works Better For Thick Coarse Hair For Many Reasons. Wave Pomade Helps To Keep The Hair In Place Most of The Day Which Works Out Great. Until I Understood, That There’s More To Just Piling A Bunch Of Wax On Top Of My Head.

I Need More From My Wave Pomade., Nutrients, Something That Would Help My Hair Grow Healthy. Strong While Providing A Thick Lush Wave Pattern.

What Does Wave Pomade Do For Hair?

Wave Pomade or Hair Wax Lay The Hair Down Allowing While You Brush The Hair to Stretch in The Desire Direction. The Good Thing Wax Helps The Wave Pattern To Form The Only Downside To Using Hair Wax or Heavy Pomades, They Will Eventually Build Up Over Time. Keep In Mind That Hair Wax Clogs The Pores So Washing Your Hair Regular Will Help Keep Down Wax Build-Up.

Follow Our Methods Below, A Quick Easy Guild On Brushing Thick Coarse Hair For Waves. Using Pomade Correctly On Thick Coarse Hair.

If You Have Thick Hair Try These Methods For 360 Waves

Use The 400 Stroke Method Plus The Hot Towel Method to Get Your Waves Off To A Good Start.

Before You Begin The 400 Stroke Method:

1. Cut hair or trim loose ends before trying this method.


2. Wash Hair with Olive Oil – Washing your hair with Olive oil is great, it restores the natural oils on the hair, and most importantly once applied the Olive oil will penetrate down to the scalp.

“Just add a small amount of olive oil to your shampoo mixture before you wash”. 

3. After drying your hair, add wave pomade rub a small amount in palm rub until warm and apply.

Try using a good All Natural Hair Wax/Pomade works better for thicker hair, helps keeps the hair manageable throughout the day. Scorpion 360 Natural Wave Butter Holds the hair plus its lightweight.

How often should I use wave pomade?
For Beginners, You Should Always Consider That Less Is Sometimes Better. Usually, Most Pomades Are Made Of Petroleum And Wax. And There’s A Huge Variety On The Market That Has Different Mixture Ratios. Some Are More Concentrated With Wax And Has A Stiffer Feel While Other Varieties Will Have More Petroleum.

If You Have Thick, Coarse Hair Try Using Scorpion 360 Wave Pomade, Hair Wax, or Wave Grease. Start Off With A Soft Wave Brush Make Sure Your Hair is Trimmed Low For Better Results. It’s Best To Begin From The Beginning With A Fresh Haircut. It’s Important That You Learn To Train Your Hair Before Applying Wave Pomade.

Brushing Schedule For Growing Waves

I Only Use Uncle Jones & Scorpion 360 Wave Butter Its 80% Canadian Indian Bees Wax, 20% Essential Oils, Will Help Promote Healthy Hair Growth And Lay The Hair Down With No Problem. Also Great For Wolfing.

If You Want 360 Waves Quickly For Thicker Hair, Condition Your Hair With A Leave-In Hair Conditioner Overnight. It Will Soften The Hair And Leave A Natural Shine.