How Long Does My Hair Have To Be To Get Waves?

How Long Does My Hair Have To Be To Get Waves?

You can start from the beginning in this case, we’ll say after a haircut using a 000 Guard with the clippers adjusted to low cut. In the lowest adjustable setting. You can begin your waves from this point. When the hair is low you can get or start your waves at this point.

As far, “as how long your hair can be to get waves is a matter of texture and routine”.

Let’s say you started brushing your hair after the haircut every day 7days a week for 6, months, without getting a haircut. Keep in mind regular washing, moisturizer, and pomade routine included.

The hair has been trained, so of course, the hair will lay down when moisture is applied, The hair has to be trained for longer thicker hair to lay in the desire wave formation in most cases.

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