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How Long Does It Take To Get Waves?

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How Long Does It Take To Get Waves? by King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush Store
How Long Does It Take To Get Waves? by King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush Store

How Long Does It Take To Get Waves? lets Say From One Through Five 5 Being Coarse & 1 Thin And Curly.

If You Are Starting From Scratch And Have Hair Type One, Thin Curly Hair, It Should Be Easier For You To Get 360 Waves, Between 3-7 Days. If Your Hair Type Is More 5ish Like Myself Try A Hair Pomade. It Won’t Hurt If You Use Both Pomade & Moitsurzer Lotion Combined.

Please take Into Account That The Hair Lenght Will Be A Major Factor It’s Best To Begin From A Shorter Hair Style or After A Haircut. For Best Results

The Time it Takes May Vary Depending on Your Hair Type, Thin Hair or Curly Thin hair May Vary.

Also Depending On How Long You Plan to Brush Your Hair And What You Put In Your Hair That Will Play A Major Role In Getting 360 Waves And Maintaining Them.

Thin Hair Lays Down Easier Add Pink Moisturizer Lotion A Brush Session And The Hot Towel Method For About Two Weeks You Should Notice A Big Difference In Growth And Wave Pattern Definition.

Don’t Forget That Brushing Your Hair Is A Significant Factor And It Helps To Stimulate The Follicles Promoting Healthy Hair Growth.

If You Have Coarse Hair Number You Might Want to Try Another Method. When I started, I Tried The Pink Moisturizer It Did Not Work For Me. I Have Thick Black Coarse Hair, and Wax Pomade Seems To Work For Me Better.

If You Have Thick, Coarse Hair Try, Using A Thicker Pomade Hard And Hard Hair Brush. Brush In The Desired Pattern. I Only Use Uncle Jones Pomade Its 80% Candian Indian Beez Wax and 20% Essential Oils, Will Help Promote Healthy Hair Growth And Lay The Hair Down With No Problem. Also Great For Wolfing.

If You Want 360 Waves Quickly For Thicker Hair, Condition Your Hair With A Leave-In Hair Conditioner Overnight. It Will Soften The Hair And Leave A Natural Shine.

Brush Your Hair All The Time 400 Stroke Method In The Morning, Afternoon, And Evening Never Stop Brushing Your Hair. In 30 Days For The Thicker Hair, You Would Notice A Big Difference.


1. Use pink oil moisturizer, and or 360 Wave Conditioner after a shower, apply as needed. Brush your hair in the desired wave pattern to set.

2. Apply Durag for 30 minutes or when hair dries. Apply When The Hair Is Damp For Setting The Hair In Place

3. After the hair is dry, remove the durag, and brush the hair continuously throughout the day. Try to put your durag on after every session. 

this method, you will notice a difference in 14 Days – Remember that growing 360 waves takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. 

400 Stroke Method

A Fast & Easy Way to Get 360 Waves!

 “My very first session was this method, If you want 360 waves quickly try this method, it will give you results fast”. V. Knight

If you are wondering how to get 360 waves fast? This method is sure to work, for beginners and novices alike and will work in just 1 week.

Before you begin:

1. Cut hair or trim loose ends before trying this method.


2. Wash Hair with Olive Oil – Washing your hair with Olive oil is great, it restores the natural oils on the hair, and most importantly once applied the Olive oil will penetrate down to the scalp.

“Just add a small amount of olive oil to your shampoo mixture before you wash”. V. Knight

3. After drying hair, add wave pomade. Rub a small amount in palm rub until warm and apply.

360 Wave Butter 4 oz. by King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush Store
Scorpion 360 Wave Butter 4 oz.

21.00 10.00 USD

400 Stroke Method

400 Stroke Method For Waves by King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush Store
400 Stroke Method For Waves by King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush Store

Now Let’s Begin

How Long Does It Take To Get Waves?


Beginning from the Crown start the brushing motion from the top of the head, brushing in a forward motion. Repeat 100 Times (strokes)


Brushing motion starting at the top of the head brushing in a Downward motion Repeat 100 Times (strokes)


Brushing motion starting at the top of the head brushing in a Downward motion Repeat 100 Times (strokes)


Lay hair down – wave cap or du-rag for 30min. If you are preparing for sleep, wear your du-rag through the nite.

Optional: After your brush session if possible try having your hair trimmed only the loose ends. Try not to cut into the hair this is very important in the beginning.

Go over the hairline for a sharper crisp effect.

400 Stroke Method – Do this for seven days three times a day, and you will notice results quickly.

Try using a good Hair Wax/Pomade it will work better for thicker hair texture. 

Murry’s Original Formula works excellent if you are looking for something Organic Uncle Jones Natural Pomade made with 100% Indian Beeswax is the choice.


1. Hair Cut

2. Shampoo, Conditioner/ (Optional)Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. Wave Pomade, Hair Moisturizer, or Hair Lotion

4. Hair Brush – 360 Wave Brush

5. Du-Rag – Wave Cap – or Stocking Cap If you are into something more Exquisite Try King Scorpion 360 Custom Velvet Du-Rag with Seam Guard. A great Du-rag for Beginners & Novices A Like

6. King Scorpion 360 Oval Palm Brush (Soft)

Best to start from the beginning when trying this method.

 Before you start to cut your hair down low, This method will help define the wave pattern once your hair begins to grow. 

Start with a soft 360 wave hairbrush and work your way up to a medium and so on. Once you no longer feel the hairbrush bristles on the scalp, it’s time to upgrade your hairbrush to a medium or hard. 

When picking a medium or hard 360 wave brush go with what works best for you, hair type length, etc. Take into consideration the amount of time you will be brushing your hair, how often you use your brush, also your budget.

There are a lot of brands you can choose from with a great selection of 360 wave brushes. Finding the right one for you will take time if you are looking for a great brush. What defines it as great is up to you to decide.

When choosing one just remember to consider your hair texture and length and sensibility to harder brushes, if that’s the case try a medium-hard hairbrush.

If you are ever in the market for something a little more personal, One of A Kind Brush Design Just For You, we specialize in Personalized Custom Designer 360, 540, 720 Custom 360 Wave Hair Brushes.

Our King Scorpion, 360 Wave Brush Models, are custom made to order and comes in a variety of bristle options & Colors, Hard, Medium Hard, Medium Soft, Soft, horse-hair Bristles, and Natural Asain Boar Bristle. 

Stop by our shop, and we will have something made just for you.

Happy Waving!

By V. Knight

Healthy Scalp Routine

King Scorpion 360 Wave Caps
A Healthy Scalp Routine for Growing 360 Waves

A Healthy Scalp Routine for Growing 360 Waves.

If you use pomade often or every day, Don’t forget having healthy waves means more than putting stuff in and or on top of the hair having a healthy scalp is just as important so letting your scalp breathe throughout the day is vital. Especially if you use pomade. Here are some of the simple ways to keep your waves looking 100%

1. Let Hair Breathe for an hour a day If you use pomade in combination with any wave care product that is a solution such as a Pomade, Waves Moisturizers or Conditioners.

2. Brush your hair to stimulate the scalp every six hours If you use pomade in combination with any wave care product that is a solution such as a Pomade, Waves Moisturizers or Conditioners. If you wear any Du-Rag, Wave Cap, or anything used to lye down the hair. Allow the hair to breathe every 6 hours. Or after you’ve awoken from a typical 8 hr rest.

3. Add your pomade or moisturizer conditioner twice a week or describe by product description.

More Wave Care Tips

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