How To Use Cotton Du-rags?

How To Use A Cotton Du-rag?

How To Use Cotton Du-rags For Waves? The Best Way To Use Cotton Du-rags Is After A Shower or After You Damp Your Hair. You Can Use A Cotton Durag In-Place of A Towel When Trying The Hot Towel Method.

How To Use A Cotton Du-rags?
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How To Use A Cotton Durag In-Place Of A Towel

  1. Run Warm Water – The Warmer The Better As Hot As You Can Bare

The steam of the hot water will help soften the pomade and hair so that the wax spreads evenly on the scalp and hair. Do this step cautiously if you’re under the age of 13 ask an adult to assist you.

  1. Place Cotton Du-Rag, Do-Rag, In Warm Water

Before you do that you want to add your hair pomade to your hair. At this point, you want to brush the hair briefly before applying your cotton du-rag. After brushing your hair place the head Section of the du-rag under warm water, Do Not Put The Straps in Water Leave Dry, just the head area. Another way is to apply the Cotton du-rag after washing you’re hair or shower.

How To Use A Cotton Du-rags?

Last And Final Step

For Healthier Stronger Hair Plus Plusher Wave Pattern try this method 3 times a week.

Now that you’ve completed steps 1. and 2. it’s time to apply your durag. First, remove any access water from the durag before you apply your cotton durag. Remember to add your pomade or wave grease to your hair before applying. You can either choose to let your hair air dry For better results use a hairdryer.

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