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How often should I wash my waves?

How often should I wash my waves? The downside to using wave pomades, Wave grease, and other application is Overtime. Eventually, Build-Up Clogged Pores and Heavy Dandruff, Itchy Scalp Will Occur. So it’s Essential You Have A Washing Routine In Place to achieve optimum wave results.

How often should I wash my waves?

Here’s How To Start

  1. Set aside a day once a week or every other week to let your hair & scalp breathe.
  2. Use a comb to loosen any wax buildup.
  3. Allow your hair to Breathe for at least 4 hours before you shampoo your hair.

Remember washing your hair removes all oils, including the natural oils so, try to use good shampoo & conditioners, An all-natural type. Avoid shampoos with heavy perfumes and preservatives. If you can not afford an organic or all-natural shampoo, try adding olive oil to the shampoo mixture.

Brush your waves with a soft, medium, or hard wave brush while the shampoo mixture is in your hair, try the 400 Stroke Method. (Optional) You can add a durag at this point while the shampoo is in the hair and rinse your waves while the durag is still on your head. I wouldn’t advise this but since you’ll do it anyway make sure you rinse it more than twice.

Now its time to rinse, dry, moisturize

  • While the shampoos in your hair rinse hair with warm water. (Use Wave Brush)
  • Dry hair with towel, just enough so the water doesn’t drip.
  • Apply Scorpion 360 Wave Moisturizer – At this point add a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner not an wax pomade.
  • Brush your waves in desire wave pattern – 400 Stroke Method .
  • Apply du-rag and set.

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