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How often should I use wave pomade?

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How often should I use wave pomade? You Can Use Wave Pomades or Wave Grease As Often As You Like Considering Your Hair Type And Personal Everday Hair Needs. For beginners, always consider that less is sometimes better so ease up on the wax it clogs the pores and causes heavy build-up which could become a bad situation.

Instead, try using a mixture of 50/50 a mixture of your favorite pomade and oil-based moisturizer. Much lighter easily washes out this method will be much better, Use At Your Own Discretion.

You will find on the market that many Pomade Brands have different mixture ratios. Some are more concentrated with more wax that has a stiffer feel.

While other varieties will have more petroleum that would be lighter in texture. I personally like a harder wave pomade, it holds well especially after taking a shower before setting the hair. I will use the pomade a least 3 times a week before I went to bed and after I’ve awakened.

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