How Long Should I Brush My Hair For Waves?

How Long Should I Brush My Hair For Waves? The more you brush your hair the better your 360 waves will be defined. You can brush throughout the day or chose a more systematic approach. You will notice better results if you brush your hair with a brushing routine.

How Long Should Your Brush Session Be For Waves?

For a simpler solution try brushing your head for 7 minutes on each side. Remember to brush the front 7 minutes, back 7 minutes, and the sides 7 minutes, each side.

Brushing your hair releases natural oils and helps stimulate the scalp resulting in plush thick hair but brushing your hair too much can lead to breakage or thinning of the hair.

Listen to your hair, everyone’s different so testing a small section of your hair before diving in head first will save you the headache of fail results. Keep to a routine keep it simple and it will work.

You may want to try a great pomade before you start!

Follow Our Methods Below To Get Your Waves Tight

Hot Towel Method

Use The 400 Stroke Method Plus The Hot Towel Method Will Get Your Waves Off To A Good Start.

Before You Begin The 400 Stroke Method:

1. Cut hair or trim loose ends before trying this method.


2. Wash Hair with Olive Oil – Washing your hair with Olive oil is great, it restores the natural oils on the hair, and most importantly once applied the Olive oil will penetrate down to the scalp.

“Just add a small amount of olive oil to your shampoo mixture before you wash”. 

3. After drying your hair, add wave pomade rub a small amount in palm rub until warm and apply.

Try using a good All Natural Hair Wax/Pomade works better for thicker hair, helps keeps the hair manageable throughout the day. Scorpion 360 Natural Wave Butter Holds the hair plus its lightweight.