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 Extended Warranty

  • Paint & Finish
  • Cleaning And Minor Repairs
  • Boar Bristle Replacement
  • Brush Replacement
  • Structure Damage
  • Color Change
  • 24 Hr Customer Support
  • Bristle Change or Swap For Different Bristle Type

Paint & Finish

Everything That’s New Must Get Old and Over Time Things Wear From Regular Everday Use, Even the Very Thing We Love The Most. That’s Why We Offer To Every Customer Who Owns A King Scorpion 360 Custom Wave Brush A 1 Year Limited Warranty.

As A Limited Warranty Holder, You Can Send Your Brush Back Twice Within The Year Of Your Warranty And We’ll Do The Rest. We Will Recoat And Clean The Brush Giving It A New Finish And A New Life.

As A Extended Warranty Subscriber, You Can Send Your Brush Back Twice Within 30 Days During The Duration of Your Subscription At The Low Price Of $45.00 A Month, You Can Cancel Any Time.

Cleaning And Minor Repairs 

As A Owner And Limited Warranty Holder, Send Your Custom Brush Back For Cleaning And Minor Repairs This Doesn’t Include Heavy Damaged Goods.

The Bristle Are Replaceable,  If It Can Not Be Cleaned A Cracked Brush or Broken Brush is Another Thing. To Determine If The Brush Is Repairable Send A Snap Shot Of the Brush When Contacting Us About Repairs.  Limited Warranty Only Cover Minor Repairs.

As A Extended Warranty Subscriber If Your Brush Was Heavily Damaged, We Will Replace The Entire Brush.

Boar Bristle Replacement

Limited Warranty Covers Damage or Lost Bristles of The Same Bristle Type. We Will Clean And Replace Any Lose Bristles This Doesn’t Include Bristle Swap.

As A Subscriber You Can Switch Bristle Types To Another Bristle Type. You Can Even Change The Bristle Strength As A Extended Warranty Subscriber.

Brush Replacement
As A Extended Warranty Subscriber If your Brush Is Stolen or Broken, We Will Replace Your Brush Of Equal Value.

Structure Damage
As A Extended Warranty Subscriber, If Your Brush Gets Damaged In Anyway Will Be replaced with A Brush Of Equal Value.

Color Change
As A Extended Warranty Subscriber, Excluding Wood Grain Custom Stains And Brushes With Logos As A Subscriber You Have The Option To Swap Colors Including Two-Tone Colors to The Brush Of Equal And Similar Qualities. MODEL TYPE

24 Hrs Customer Support
We’re Here 24 Hrs 7 Days A Week
[email protected]

Bristle Change or Swap Out For A Different Bristle Type
Extended Warranty Subscriber, You Have The Option To Swap Out Any Boar Bristle! Excluding Horse Hair, This Is Good If You Want To Try A Different Bristle Strengths & Types For King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush That’s Tailored For You.