King Scorpion Club, Medium Soft Wave Brush | Florida Orange

King Scorpion Club, Florida Orange/Black Medium Soft Club Wave Brush Set

Orange & Black Medium Soft Wave Brush, Goose Down Velvet Pouch,  Silk Blend Fat-Lace Durag

King Scorpion 360 Custom Made Designer 360 Club Wave Brush Gift Set, Great As a Gift, or an Edition to Any Wave Brush Enthusiast Collection.

If you Have A Question About Placing A Order Or Own Any King Scorpion 360 Model Drop A Couple of Lines And We’ll Get Back To You Within 24 Hrs. Please Note: KS3 | King Scorpion 360 Club Brush Owners Are First Priority.

This Brush Model Or Any King Scorpion Wave Brush Model, If You Are A Owner Of Our Exclusive Our 360 Custom Wave Brush You’re Top Priority.

Medium-Soft Florida Orange Wave Brush Bundle Set
King Scorpion Club Wave Brush

Brush Set Content:

  1.  Long Handle Curved Wave Brush with Glow Effect Number 3 Logo
  2.  Goose Down Hairbrush Carrying Pouch – Florida Orange & Black
  3. Fat-Lace 22” Durag

Boar Bristle Strength: Medium Soft

Material: Solid Wood, Goose Feather, Boar Bristles,

Color: Florida Orange with Black Glow Number 3

Package Insured: Yes

Signature Required: Upon Delivery

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

Row: 10 Tight

Weight: 16 once

Length 9″

Included: Goose Down Pouch, Soft Handle Curved Wave Brush

Brush Width 3”

Handle Length 4″ 1/2

Each Custom Wood Wave Brush Is Handmade Each Brush Will Be Slightly Different From The Other, Wood-grain Pattern, Color, etc. Custom Color: Florida Orange and Black With Glow Effect Number 3

Process time: 3-5 Days before We Ship The Item. (The time it takes to create your item). Please Note That This Is A Hand Made Item The Time to Make A Brush May Vary The Production Time May Exceed the Estimated Time, Thank You Ahead For Your Patience.

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