Black/Black Detroit | Medium Club Wave Brush | King Scorpion Club

Black Detroit Club Wave Brush King Scorpion 360  Short Handle Medium Club Wave Brush.

King Scorpion Club Detroit Medium Wave Brush, Engraved Glow Effect Detroit “D” Diamond Collection with Glow Effect Logo Plus New Goose Down Carrying Pouch.

The Short Handle Medium Custom Wave Hair Club Wave Brush Is For Maintaining Deep 360 Waves. This is The 2020 Model, More Bristles for a Plusher Brushing Experience.

This is King Scorpion 360 Black 360 Club Medium Soft 360 Wave Brush with Glow Effect Logo by V. Knight & Plus New Goose Down Velvet Pouch is A Great Edition to Any Collectors Collection.

Each Custom Wood Hair Wave Brush Will Be Slightly Different from the other, woodgrain pattern, color, etc. Custom Color: Colt Black with Extra Gloss ā€“ Glow Effect Engraved Logo ā€œDā€ ā€“ Must Charge In Natural Light To Activate Charge.

Protect Your Investment Now Available New King Scorpion 360 Goose Down  Pouch. Made For All King Scorpion 360 Long Handle and Short Handle Wave Brushes.

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