What’s The Best Wave Brush For Waves?

King Scorpion 360 Wave Brush
Wave Brush Deluxe Gift Bundle Kit

What type of brush is best for waves?

Let’s Get to Brushing Here’s Seven Best Wave Brush Types For Waves.

  • King Scorpion 360 Medium Hard Wave Brush
  • King Scorpion 540 Soft Oval Plam Wave Brush
  • King Scorpion Short Handle Club Style 360 Wave Brush
  • King Scorpion XXX Custom Wave Brush
  • King Scorpion 360 Soft Oval Palm Brush – Golden Oak
  • King Monkey Products 1776 Medium Cushion Hair Brush (black)
  • King Monkey Products 1776 Hard Cushion Hair Brush (white)

King Scorpion 360 & King Monkey Products Wave Hair Brushes


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